Past Shepinois litter Prada annd Groot

Prada and Groot puppies born 11/17/22, 5 females and 4 males. These puppies will go home 1/7/23 @ 11:30 am eastern time. We currently have 1fawn female and 1 fawn male and 1 brindle male available. . This is a Dutch x German shepherd cross litter., we expect a really nice litter, with excellent work ethic, great social ability and confident working pups, will make excellent family dogs, that have an excellent trainability. Both parents are working dogs. Groot is my upper level nosework dog, he does dock diving and protection sports. Prada is currently in training with plans to compete for her PDC next year. She is a Elite level dog diving dog and is actually very easy to live with in the house. Both dogs have an excellent off switch and can settle and be great house pets. We expect the same from their pups. This is our first Dutch and Shepherd cross, but it is basically the same thing.

Current puppies available from Prada and Groot's litter

Huckleberry Dark Fawn Male, click his name to see more info (sold)

Doc Brindle male, click his name to see more info (sold)

Josephine Fawn female, click her name to see more info (sold)

Camelot's Galactic Warrior "Groot"

Camelot's Galactic Warrior "Groot" DJ, DSX, AS, DM, PSD-NE, PSD-ND, PSD-NS, PSD- NC, PSD-NB, SDN, PSD-AE, PSD-AD, PSD-AC, PSD-AS, PSD-AB, SDA, NW1, NW2-P NW3

Camelot's Bold Design "Prada"

Camelot's Bold Design "Prada" DM, DE

Prada and Groot puppies 2 1/2 weeks old

6 weeks old