Upcoming Litters/Available Puppies

Upcoming Litters/Available Puppies

Unless noted in the description all of our litters are full German Shepherds. If it is a cross litter it will be noted next to the names of the dogs.

  • Your puppy goes home with their first set of vaccines, given at 6 weeks, the next set will be due in 3 weeks. The puppy gets a set of vaccines every 3 weeks until the age of 16 weeks. See article below about vaccines.
  • Your puppy is currently on Pro Plan sport performance 30/20 all life stages. They can remain on this food for their lifetime. We are currently feeding them twice per day and we give them about 1 cup each, some eat more, some eat a little less. You have to judge your puppy based on it's physical activity level if it needs a little more food. I am not one to follow the exact guidelines on the bag. I go by what the puppy looks like.
  • Your puppy goes home with a leash and collar, toys and food. So, you have everything you need to get through the first few days with your new puppy.
  • We include all your paperwork, shot records a copy of our contract as well as registration information and your microchip information in your puppy kit. Please register your microchip as soon as possible. So, if anything happens the contact information is correct.

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Click Here for the German Shepherd deposit form which is to be sent in with your deposit

Click Here for the Shepinois Deposit form which is to be sent in with your deposit